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Positioning Web Google

and other finders

ionamiento in Google

In ideidea we are specialized in

natural positioning


organic in Google and other finders. By means of this permanent campaign one looks for to position the webpage of the client in the first positions of the finder at issue for the key words or chains of key words selected by the client.

The plans of positioning of ideidea for Google and other finders are divided in seven phases:

- Analysis in depth of its webpage and the webpages of its competitors.
- Election of the key words to position in Google.
- Optimization of the code of programming of all webpages.
- Control of the statistics of visit of its webpages.
- Registry of its webpages in the main finders (Yahoo!, Google, etc).
- Positioning manual (Not by means of programs).
- Later pursuit and monitoring and continuous optimization of its webpages.

One of the main points for a positioning successfully of a Web is a correct programming of the Web and its pursuit. This includes multiple technical parameters to consider in the programming of the Web. From some contained in agreement with the services that the client offers to the correct implementation of labels or the specific use of sitemaps in xml for Google.

Also a maintenance of the work of optimization of monthly form is key to obtain a better positioning. The optimization in off - Web of the website by the finders of periodic form fitting the keywords to the Web.

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We realise a customized service of positioning Web, it allows him to decide what is the suitable strategy more to its economic interests and of their business. It can generate traffic with different methods from positioning Web and be placed in the first positions of the finders with the more profitable key words of his sector.

The most profitable phrases, are those that generate major I number of visits to their Web and have a cost inferior.

We offer a complete analysis to him of the best phrases to position. It does not leave to the positioning Web of his business is based on phrases that do not generate visits to him and that others decide them by you without knowing as they are. It first decides with that phrases want to position themselves.

We are a Consultancy Web that will present the best alternatives to him of adapted positioning Web to the possibilities of its investment.

We work with complete projects of positioning Web, are consulting and we analyzed all the possibilities of Marketing Online for finders, (SEO), campaigns of sponsored connections (SEM), optimization and creation of content for social networks (SMO) and design oriented Web to that their phrases surpass the positioning Web of their competition.

High in Google
To evaluate
It is necessary to identify what phrases are best for their interests and budget. We assured to him that each phrase that wants to position, following that is, has a different cost following the competition that it has. For that reason we do not offer packages, we offer positioning of concrete phrases, working independently each.

We know the different techniques to realise Marketing as well as possible Online. We would like to advise personally to him of the existing alternatives that adapt better to their business.

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to make appear them in the first positions
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