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Management Google Adwords

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management google adwords
Google Adwords Barcelona
Adwords is the publicity of payment in google. A system with great amount of options so that the advertiser obtains the greater possible yield of his investment in publicity.
A campaign of announcements sponsored in Google well managed Adwords is the ideal tool to obtain clients to our Web of fast and effective form. A campaign that attracts payment visits, allows that our Web positions in just a short time between the first places of the finders for the different combinations from keywords related to our business, so that it is possible to be obtained clients to a price much smaller than the inverted one in other tools of marketing. It attracts clients interested in his products or services through the key words in which previously they have made a consultation.

With a suitable management of this campaign it is possible to be obtained significant growth of convertible visits in clients in just a short time, while one occurs at any moment to know our Web and knowing the cost the same.

Google Adwords is a tool of payment by click (PPC) that allows to appear between the most excellent consultations for its business and for the searches that realises a potential client in Internet. The advertiser, according to the way of chosen payment, only pays by the visits that he obtains originating from the sponsored results of searches in Google (CPC), or by the times that have visualized their announcement (CPM).

Between the advantages of a campaign of announcements sponsored in Google we have:

:: Possibility of segmenting its campaign by countries, regions, schedules, key words
:: To obtain a great number of convertible visits in clients in just a short time
:: Possibility exactly of measuring the return on the investment of this campaign
:: Possibility of managing a budget of flexible form making changes in real time to improve the results
:: To detect new markets, possible tendencies of the sector, new products to develop.
We are specialistic in the creation of Landing Page (optional): once created the announcements we come to optimize the landing pages of these announcements (landing page or landing page).  The success of many campaigns is in the design of landing page. Ours landing page for campaigns of persuasive sponsored announcements is tremendously usables and what originates an important increase of % of conversion visit-client
Standard Adwords tariff: 69 Euros/month without permanence. (*) the best price - quality.

High of the service new clients: an only payment of 75 Euros 

It includes:

:: Creation and management of a maximum of 4 campaigns of publicity (different products or services).
:: Daily optimization of the key words.
:: Creation of separated campaigns for the Network search and the Network of Display.
:: Monthly report of the results of the campaign.
:: Own and customized account in Google, that remains in its possession for always and to which has total access at any moment.
:: Number of key words without limit (within the reasonable thing) and all the proposals by You.
:: Always on the front page.
:: Filtrate, so that their announcements are only potential clients. 
:: Advertising channel search and Network of Content.
:: Selection of the best pages of destiny for each announcement.
:: Session of Initial formation.
:: Permanent attention and Total Transparency. 
:: It does not include the value of the visits (click) obtained in Google. It can announce from only 1 Euro to the day!

(*) Prices indicated in the page without IVA.

Google Adwords
to leave in google
course google adwords Barcelona
Actual course Google Adwords
This course is distributed of actual way in Barcelona (in the place of the work of the client) and must as main objective show the students how to create and to administer publicity campaigns online using this magnificent tool that is Google Adwords
Course 100% oriented practitioner and to the business of the client.
It will learn to use Google Adwords and we will leave the active campaign.

Our services do not have permanence contract. We want that you only work with us while you want.

Google Adwords Barcelona
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