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Ideidea is a company specialized in design Web and located marketing online in international Barcelona, that service gives to all the peninsula, including the islands, Ceuta and Melilla, as well as works.

Within the scope of the design Web, we developed corporative webpages, stores online, blogs, Web for mobiles and projects Web to size. We also carry out works of positioning Web.

Our mission is to help our clients to realise its ideas, developing jointly its projects Web and its campaigns of communication online.

We count with more than 6 years of experience in the sector and a specialized human equipment to his service. Designers, programmers and specialists in marketing online form ideidea. We are a company with one long trajectory that always has adapted quickly to the new technological tendencies and of design.

We realise customized and adapted proposals to the needs of our clients.

If he is interested in some of our services, he does not doubt in asking for a budget to us without commitment.

Steps stop

to contract a Web


To facilitate the information to put on the Web
To choose type of Web that needs
We taught the sketch to him of the Web
Payment of the Web
The Web with the domain is hung
It shoots with an arrow
First it chooses the type of Web that needs
It shoots with an arrow
It shoots with an arrow
It shoots with an arrow
To facilitate the information that wants to put on the Web via e-mail
We taught the work to him from a temporary domain so that it gives his approval us or to apply the opportune corrections
Payment of the Web and we sent the corresponding invoice to him
The work in the domain chosen by you is hung
In 7 days it has his Web
In 7 days workable it has his Web
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Webpage for mechanical factory

Webpage for plumbing company

Webpage for plumber
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